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Process Service

Legally notifying an individual of their involvement in a court proceeding by serving paperwork. We serve all types of legal paperwork, from summons, subpoena, complaints, and writs.

Process service is the backbone of our company, and our servers take pride in efficient and accurate services. We are able to work with a variety of clients, from lawyers, businesses, and private individuals.

Mobile Notary

Authorization of signatures on important, legal documents. We act as a neutral third party to ensure that individuals signatures are legally binding to the terms of the contract.

For your convenience, we are mobile and able to meet you when and where you request.

Court Filing

Submitting your case into the court system on time to ensure that your case can continue without delay. It is crucial that cases are submitted before the statute of limitations expires, so be sure to hire reliable court filers.

Court Record Search

Research through the court's public records and databases to find information relating to your case. We dig deep into the information and organize it to your advantage so that you don't have to spend more time researching.

Subpoena Preparation

Legal support service to guarantee your subpoena is correct and will not be contested in a court of law. Our process servers understand Tennessee's subpoena requirements and prepare all documents with attention to detail.


Copying and organizing court and legal files into a digital archive for simple and fast access to your most important information. Our legal photocopiers can help simplify your law office.

About Us

Paper Chasers is Tennessee's premiere process serving company with quick, honest, and accurate work. Our professional process servers go the extra mile for our clients to ensure the integrity of all services.

Paper Chasers was founded in 2004 with the mission of improving legal support services for our Tennessee community. We saw a need for reliable litigation support and aim to meet the needs of lawyers, businesses, and private individuals.

Our background in the US Army and as deputy sheriff give our legal services a unique edge as we have developed tools and techniques to deliver the best possible outcome.

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Tennessee Services

Our process servers and trained staff are local to Tennesee, so we know our coverage area and neighborhoods for more accurate results. Additionally, we understand Tennessee's rules and regulations when it comes to process serving, legal documents, and more.

We strive to exceed our customers' expectations, and as such, have a stellar reputation in The Volunteer State.

If you want detailed work specifically for legal support service needs in Tennessee then Paper Chasers Legal Services is the right company for you.

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